Roley Yuma – S/T

Who: Roley Yuma
What: S/T LP
When: Nov 8/9 2019
Format: Full Length on CD

Roley Yuma is a Musiccore/Post-Irony band formed in Dayton, Ohio round about 2010. A glacial work-ethic mixed with human conditions and "circumstances" sidelined the group for near a decade until they decided the time was right to slay the Dragon of Selfishness atop the Mountain of White Guy Ennui. In 2019 they released Roley Yuma, a record about accountability, goat-headed demons, sobriety, shedding familial trauma, and late comedian Ralphie May. Roley Yuma lives in San Bernadino with his wife, Meredith, and two dogs, Chester and Lyndon.